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Deep soft tissue technique, muscle and joint stretching

Soft tissue techniques work by applying a direct force to tight muscles, stretching or kneading until relaxation occurs. Soft tissue techniques have been shown to increase the amount of circulation to the muscles and surrounding structures. As more blood reaches these areas, the amount of oxygen and nutritional components reaching the muscles increase, which can lead to more rapid healing results.

There are three basic methods of soft tissue treatments that an osteopath may recommend

• Traction techniques – longitudinally stretching muscle fibres
• Kneading techniques – lateral stretching of the muscle fibres
• Inhibition techniques – sustained deep pressure

Joint manipulation

Joint manipulation can be a powerful technique in the treatment of painful or stiff joints. Osteopaths use gentle, rhythmic joint movements and stretching to improve the flexibility and range of movement of the problem area. This form of treatment requires gradual adjustment and repeated application, but often patients report some symptomatic relief immediately.

Deep soft tissue technique, muscle and joint stretching
Deep soft tissue technique, muscle and joint stretching

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